What does it take to deliver software as a service?

If you have read the twelve factors, then you know the challenge you've signed up for. Through this five part series of articles, I'll be going on a long journey to successfully build and deploy a web application that is able to provide a software as a service. In this process, I'll be working on lucrative topics such as Microservices, Remote procedure calls (gRPC), Containerization using Docker and Kubernetes and building scripts for monitoring and general design patterns that I learn along the way.

Purpose of this project

The real learning of any application takes place in production. No matter how well thought out an idea is, we can never know its viability till it is tested in the production. I stole that line from a book called "Release it", if you haven't read that book I strongly recommend it. It is also a project that I'm going to be building as part of my master's course at San Jose State University.

p.s This is a developing article so, please be patient and stay tuned.